Photography Courses & Education

I continually educate myself in the craft of Photography through ongoing courses in order that I stay current and creative. 
The dynamic nature of Photography requires Photographers to update their skills and knowledge regularly. 
Engaging in Photography courses allows me to learn new techniques, master the latest equipment, and gain fresh perspectives, ensuring my work remains innovative and relevant. 
Attending these courses fosters creativity and inspire me to push the boundaries of my craft, ultimately leading to higher quality and more compelling images for my clients.

Michael Sasser - LA Based Boudour Photographer & Educator

Completed Course:

Boudoir Posing

Joey Wright - Miami Based Swimwear Photographer & Educator

Completed Course:

Swimwear Photography

Dan Hostettler - Swiss Based Nude and Fine Art Photographer & Educator

Completed Courses:

Playboy Style Glam & Artistic Nudes  

Nude & Glamour Posing

Implied Nude Posing

Brent Wilson - The Aperture Club, Sydney

Completed Course:

The Portrait Exposed

Using Format